4Front Robotics Ltd, a Calgary-based Unmanned Vehicle Vehicles (UAVs) firm, has qualified to the semi-finals stage of the “UAE Drones (UAV) For Good” Award’s International Category  where hundreds of highly competitive submissions were received from around the world (examples include: Germany, USA, Switzerland, Spain, Australia). 4Front Robotics is the only  Canadian firm selected as a semi-finalist and has been invited to perform a live demonstration in Dubai on February 2015. As a result, 4Front Robotics has been eligible for the “Indra’s International Community Award: From Idea to Reality” which will be awarded to the most voted proposal by Drones for Good Community users.

Source: linkis.com

This is a highly competitive International award and your vote and comments would be appreciated.  4Front Robotics would like to invite Canadians and interested people to take a look at their entry entitled: Highly Maneuverable UAV for Helicopter Impenetrable Indoor/Outdoor Environments Urban Rescue Missions and encourage people to vote for their proposal and create a media buzz around a unique 100% proudly Canadian UAV technology.