Seven Tales West

If you go by Ellerslie Rugby Park and see a small tree in the back quivering, that’s probably my dad.

He was a big contributor to rugby in Edmonton, so his ashes are buried beneath that tree.  And the tree  would be shaking because I’ve just come back from voting for a Trudeau.

Trudeau … even now, a small lingering part of me wants to turn my head and spit on the ground.  Just instinctively, like when people in movies talk about bad omens or Lord Voldemort.  You see, as a longtime Albertan, that name conjures up a lot of bad history.  But the Trudeau my family loathed was the father of the one now running for office.  Pierre Trudeau, as lauded as he is in other parts of the country, was remembered only as the one who brought in the National Energy Program.  The guy who crushed the economy…

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