Creating the New Alberta!

This Report reveals options for addressing Alberta’s wide-spread
decrease in economic resilience and weak SME ecosystem


Widespread Resilience Decrease
Jobs/People Impact Severe
Edmonton Region decreased 19%, now …
On par with Calgary. Most industries decreased
Only Legal Services and Tourism escaped
Decreased corporate investment
Increased unemployment and layoffs
Decreased job creation

Constraints on Recovery

Limited Government Role
67% view the Ecosystem for SMEs as ineffective
Banks and VCs are too risk averse to help
Market access, debt and government ideology
Policy support for SMEs and entrepreneurs
Invest in research before projects or techcom
Negotiate trade agreements

Industries Most Vulnerable

Industries Least Vulnerable
Infotech (Analytics) and BioTech (Health)
Research (Education)
Forestry (Wood Products)
Legal (Security)
Human Resources (Development)
Tourism (Entertainment & Hospitality)




Long term < 5-years
Tourism (Hospitality)
Agriculture (Food Processing)
Construction (Real Estate)
5-15 years
BioTech (Health)
Renewable energy
Transportation and Infotech
> 15 years
Nuclear energy including –
advanced manufacturing 

Renewable energy

Essential for Creating the new Alberta! A resilient economy,
Leadership in innovation, and Energy transitions

Join us in Red Deer, November 26th – our all-industry Convention for addressing
what can be done to advance recovery and improve Alberta’s economic resilience




November 26th – CONVENTION – Red Deer
Creating the new Alberta! – Vision & Leadership

Stay-tuned as we work with Alberta NGOs representing Alberta industry and professions for assembling panels and panelists, presenters and sponsors for generating a series of resolutions on what Alberta industry and professions can and should do to achieve economic recovery and improve the province’s economic resilience. 


Education & Research
Health & BioTech
Infotech & Analytics
Human Resources & Development
Energy & Distribution
Construction & Real Estate
Environment & CleanTech
Engineering & Design
Government & Public Policy
Transportation & Logistics
NGO – Non Government Organization
Agriculture & Food Processing
Finance & Investment
Legal & Security
Communications & Marketing
Entertainment & Hospitality
Manufacturing & Export
Forestry & Wood Products
Management & Strategy

Our 2016 Alberta forecast
Alberta continues to feel the tremors following the oil price quake: an oversupply of oil and warnings of climate change, a worldwide economic slowdown and low interest rates, and sustained geo-political turmoil. Can it get any worse? Here are two cautionary notes for 2016: one, for the new Alberta government – heed the lessons learned from the Ontario debacle, and two, for troubled corporations – don’t go it alone. Innovation is mandatory, but innovation is more than an idea, to recover, to grow, and to prosper, requires a market and often a new partner.

Forecast – Going small, swift, and supple:
1. Increased bankruptcy filings and a rise in M&A activity;
2. Increased public spending on infrastructure;
3. Increased investment activity targeting emerging technologies; and
4. Public restructuring of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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